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Founded two decades back, Super Computers is an IT services provider company based in the UAE. We have helped thousands of businesses across the globe deliver their IT initiatives. Our immensely knowledgeable team provides genuine suggestions and apt software development solutions to fulfil your business requirements. Whether it is about setting up the surveillance system or providing maintenance services for your IT infrastructure, our team is here for you. Our IT company in Ajman has always expanded its expertise to meet the particular demands of varying businesses and make them future-ready.

    Our goals

    Super Computers has a few goals that we look forward to achieving through every project we take in hand and every client we deal with.

    Client satisfaction

    The team at Super Computers is highly motivated and prioritises the satisfaction of its clients. We establish an in-depth understanding of what you expect from us and how you wish to revolutionise your business in the long term. With that in mind, we work with dedication to provide you with apt solutions and ensure we surpass your expectations. We value our clients and our IT solutions are the ones they can rely on for their business.

    Future-ready innovations

    Our IT consultancy services are uncompromised and we never force our thoughts upon our clients. We pay heed to what they desire and how they imagine their business in the future. This allows us to suggest the best and provide them with innovations that lead them on the path to success. Our proactive solutions ensure to meet the demands of your business even when you plan to expand the same in the future. Our professionals deliver what they commit to and make your experience with us better.


    At Super Computers, our goal is to drive results for your business and provide you with the outcomes you would expect after investing in our IT solutions. Our IT company in the UAE works toward helping your IT operations run smoothly. While we provide cybersecurity to your business, we raise the standards of your business to help you set a benchmark in your industry. Our team uses the best authentication tools and adopts the best anti-malware practices for your business. Our strategic planning and the right execution of top solutions help drive results in your favour and give you high returns on every penny that you invest in us.

    We are proud of ourselves

    The team at Super Computers takes pride in itself for being one of the most sought-after IT services and solutions providers across the globe. We are the official partners of numerous top businesses in the UAE who trust us for their IT needs. Our integrated and comprehensive business solutions help optimise your business operations while ensuring security at the same time. We are the one-stop shop for all the IT needs of your business. Our robust solutions elevate the way your business works and give you the significant boost that you have been seeking for so long. Whether it is firewall services, accounting, providing hardware solutions or revamping your existing IT infrastructure, we take things on a personal level to provide you with the best services.
    Super Computers Trading is a top IT solutions provider for a diverse range of businesses from multiple sectors. Our solutions comply with the industry standards and guarantee the safety of your IT infrastructure. When you invest in our services, we take care of all your IT needs so that you get the desired outcomes and the time to focus on other time-intensive tasks. The word-of-mouth that our clients spread about Super Computers Trading boasts a lot about the quality of solutions and services we provide as industry experts.
    Are you ready to take your business to unattainable heights and raise the industry standards? Do you wish to collaborate with the best partners who not only take your work as a project but also take the burden off your shoulders? Choose Super Computers Trading and you will always thank yourself for making the best decision for your business. Write to us or call us and one of our experts will get back to you to listen to your requirements and fulfil them within the timeframe you specify.