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Best IT Solution Company in Dubai, UAE

Best IT Solution Company in Dubai, UAE

Super Computers Trading is a reliable name in the list of top companies for IT consulting and planning. If you are planning to invest in an IT service in Ajman, look no further than our talented pool of individuals for the same. Our strategic IT consulting services offer you a winning advantage in the market. We are a leading IT consulting firm in UAE that delivers IT services tailored to the particular needs of your business. Our team has a solution to all your IT challenges as it leverages advanced technology to help you take your business forward. Our strategies are highly effective as we plan them considering the diverse goals of your organization.


We offer a range of services when it comes to IT Security consulting covers for your business in the long term. This may include but is not limited to:

  • In-depth networking skills.
  • In-house Microsoft and Cisco expiries.
  • Alignment to Microsoft 365 and Office 365 advanced security and information protection.
  • Implementation of zero trust solutions that offer the best security.
  • Investigation of security breach.
  • Security assessments and resolutions.

Framework For IT Security Consultancy

  • Information security policies
  • Networking, whether this be Wi-Fi, firewalls, VPNs or web filtering
  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Identity protecrion, authentication, and auditing
  • Protection against email spam, malware, and phishing
  • Device management and endpoint health. This includes encryption, antivirus and compliance
  • Team collaboration and storage. This comes with retention, classification, data loss prevention and archiving
IT consulting services in Ajman

Accounting Consultancy Services in UAE

The accounting and the IT consulting team work closely together to provide the right advice related to comprehensive tax accounting. Our team helps you enhance your internal processes to improve your financial position. We ensure that the procedures are compliant with the accounting protocols and contribute to efficient accounting practices for your business. Our professionals are immensely knowledgeable and employ their expertise to help you assess your financial data. We also let you know how your financial figures are affecting your business and the possible IT solutions in UAE to improve these numbers. No matter the size of your business, we use our knowledge and guide you with the use of technology to identify tax risks and ensure you comply with the regulations.

CCTV Consultancy

We have an unwavering commitment towards providing comprehensive CCTV security solutions to our clients. As a leading IT consultancy in Dubai, we use cutting-edge technology to provide security solutions. When you invest in our CCTV surveillance solutions, we guarantee you intelligent motion detection, state-of-the-art quality cameras, remote access, and high-definition videos. You can monitor your premises in real-time and ensure the complete safety of the same. The solutions come with advanced features for enhanced security of areas that require authorised access only. We are your trusted partners when it comes to delivering solutions that meet the varying needs of your business. At Super Computers Trading, you will get a range of electronic security systems that provide holistic protection for your business.

This includes:

  • Smart Security Cameras
  • Wireless Security Cameras
  • Office Surveillance Systems
  • Commercial Surveillance Systems
  • CCTV Maintenance Contract
  • CCTV Servicing
IT Security Consultancy
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Hardware & Software Consultancy

We understand the requirements of our clients before we proceed to provide them with a solution. Our team helps you understand how technology can make a difference in your business and the benefits of varying technological advancements when put into use. After establishing a clear understanding of your goals and objectives, we work towards coming up with software development solutions in UAE that will streamline the business process for you. We use our experience in making relevant changes to the solutions where there is a need for improvement.

Contact us today and one of our specialists will provide you with an insight into the range of solutions and services at Super Computers Trading.