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Video Surveillance and biometrics Systems Solution

Super Computers Trading is a top name when it comes to surveillance and biometrics service solutions providers. We use cutting-edge technology to come up with surveillance and biometrics systems that help you monitor and track everything in real-time. These Biometrics systems are not just easy to use but also cost-effective and user-friendly. These systems help streamline the process while ensuring that the response time is minimal. One can go through the control cameras and videos to keep track of the events. Whether you want the installation of intrusion detection systems or CCTV cameras, our team is here to do it for you in the least time possible.

Our experts have expertise in using advanced biometric technologies to provide you with steadfast biometrics services in UAE. The biometrics solutions we provide use voice recognition, fingerprint scanning, iris recognition, and facial recognition to identify and authenticate you. The system restricts the unauthorized entry of any individual into your secured business premises. It keeps a record of every individual seeking access to these premises and only allows specific entries through biometric verification. This is an important biometrics software when one needs access to data racks at the data centres. It is with our software that the users of biometrics systems in your company can gain access to unauthorised areas through their biometric credentials.

Super Computers Trading is a reputed company providing adept solutions in Surveillance and Biometrics services in UAE. We leverage advanced technology to provide solutions that simplify things in your business. Our surveillance software and biometrics system in Ajman have made a huge difference in many companies.

CCTV Surveillance Systems in UAE

businesses today invest in surveillance services by deploying sensors, CCTV cameras, and other devices. The use of such solutions helps to monitor the environment in real time and capture the events taking place at any given point in time. The surveillance systems trigger an alert or raise an alarm to prevent any unwanted event. These systems also help you gather information regarding any kind of suspicious activity and help you clear any doubts regarding the small mishappenings at your company. The surveillance services help to protect your business and ensure complete safety as well as security for your company.


Biometrics systems are basically systems that utilize your personal characteristic features to identify you or provide authentication to you. The biometrics systems require information regarding your unique characteristic features and keep them saved in records to authenticate you. With the help of your characteristics like fingerprints or patterns of the eyes or your voice recording, the systems identify you or verify your identity. These systems also capture other biometric traits like palm print, signature, keystroke dynamics, hand geometry, and gait. This is a faster yet more reliable way as the biometric access control software uses the individual\s biological features to give access.

CCTV Surveillance Systems in UAE

Video Surveillance Systems UAE

Super Computers Trading offers a range of services when it comes to surveillance in your enterprise. These services include

  • HikVision
  • CP Plus
  • Dahua Technology

As the leading provider of surveillance software and biometrics system in Sharjah, we design a complete solution for use at your factory, office, or company premises where you feel the need for centralised biometric authentication. You can decide regarding the users who will have this access to unauthorised areas and the duration for the same. To ensure there is complete security within the premises having the biometrics system, we integrate the access control of the system with your video surveillance solution in Ajman UAE. When the two systems work hand-in-hand, you can be sure that only authorised personnel can enter specific areas and any suspicious activity will never go undetected.


Why choose surveillance and biometrics systems?

Many companies today are already experiencing the benefits of installing surveillance and biometrics systems in their workplace premises. A few reasons why these surveillance and biometrics systems are a must-have for your organization are, but are not limited to:

  • Predefined access to data racks at data centres
  • Raising an alarm on the door abnormal
  • Real-time monitoring of the door status
  • SMS or email notification upon any suspicious activity
  • Centralised authentication to data racks
  • Helps to monitor the e-map through central monitoring
  • Easily integrates with video and CCTV camera surveillance
  • Centralised data centre authentication

Super Computers Trading continues to maintain the legacy of providing quality solutions for surveillance and biometrics services in Ajman UAE. Our team of technical experts provide customised systems for varying businesses from any industry. Many business owners trust us for the installation & maintenance of surveillance and biometrics time attendance and access systems.

Are you willing to secure your company premises and eliminate the risks of fraud and data leaks? We, at Super Computers Trading, would love to hear your requirements and provide apt & best solutions to meet your business needs.